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Incoherent ramblings, project updates, reviews, and other writings fallen into the ether.

Spadille 1.4.6 Released

Spadille 1.4.6 is now available for download.  This update consists more of a interface makeover compared to 1.4.5 along with a few bug fixes.  The player count bug where it was displaying several thousand players online has since been fixed (hopefully that will be real someday).

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Spadille 1.4.5 Released

Spadille 1.4.5 has now been released. This released includes quite a few bug fixes along with a bit more polishing of the program itself, both under the hood and with aesthetics.

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Blog Introduction

Well I decided to start a blog for whatever reason. I’ll probably just post some development entries along with whatever I feel like ranting about.  I’ve never used WordPress before, so it might take a while for things to get situated with the website integration.

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