It hasn’t been long since the last update, but since than Ace of Spades 0.60 Beta has been released with some new file formats and a bunch of cool new features.

I was hoping to add more stuff in this release, but kind of had to push it out due to the amount of messages I’ve received about bugs with 1.4.8 because of new INI formats and lack of support for new 0.60 features such as windowed mode and mouse sensitivity.


Change Log:

  • Fixed bug with incorrect installed version format
  • LocalHost and external IP are regarded as the same server on join
  • Attempting to open duplicate server console brings current one to focus
  • Added support for new KV6/WAV files for 0.60 in mod manager
  • Increased screenshot capture speed
  • Fixed bug with screenshot collisions
  • Fixed bug with multiple columns trying to fill to right
  • Added option to show server name in title of windowed mode
  • Ping filter now associated with filtering method
  • Added option to toggle ping strength indicators
  • Extendened screenshot funcationailty to windowed mode
  • Added option for mouse sensitivity in general game settings
  • Added option for windowed mode in general game settings
  • Redesigned config editor/changed to general game settings
  • Redesigned Spadille settings dialog
  • Fixed missing mod manager buttons
  • Fixed bug with mass ping update requiring two attempts
  • Re-added URL column (hidden by default)