So after some deliberation, procrastination, and soda, I’ve decided to become an ever-so trendy WordPress adopter. I’ve been using WordPress for a for months, but only a few times and it was working parallel to my own site I hand wrote.

I was originally going to “embed” WordPress into my own site design using “The Loop”, but my lack of patience got the best of me.  There were also a few browser incompatibilities with my layout. I won’t mention any names coughInternet Explorercough. So I figured what the hell, and decided to go with WordPress.  I just have to get some back-end stuff situated before everything is back on track.

Moral of this story: I tend to avoid content management systems. I much prefer writing everything out myself, that way I know how everything works and who to blame if/when something goes wrong.


Okay, if there’s one thing I’ve been notified of more than anything, it’s Spadille. I’ve received countless emails (disregard that, it was ~75) about it being broken. I would like to take some time out to come up with some excuses.

  • I held off releasing it for a while because of a bug with Ace of Spades where it would wipe out the configuration files at random.
  • There was a LOT of refactoring, during which I was constantly being interrupted, which any programmer can tell you is a nightmare.
  • Battlefield 3
  • Procrastination
  • Laziness
  • Battlefield 3

But fret not, it will be out soon. I just want to make sure things are situated with my server and any bugs I can find are patched before release.