Spadille 1.4.6 is now available for download.  This update consists more of a interface makeover compared to 1.4.5 along with a few bug fixes.  The player count bug where it was displaying several thousand players online has since been fixed (hopefully that will be real someday).

There is now a tabbed interface which currently divideds the server list into 3 sections, Public (general server listing), favorites, and recent (history).  I think the names are pretty obvious.  Search, filters, and stats have been moved to the right side of the server list for easier access.

A new release probably isn’t too far into the future depending on when Ace of Spades 0.55 is released. When a new Spadille version is released, you’ll be able to see the new update wizard :D


Change Log:


  • Fixed bug with server list always reorganizing after closing favorites/blacklist dialog
  • Improved reliability of properly retrieving user IP and country
  • Double-clicking blacklisted icon prompts dialog to add to favorites
  • Filtered servers are now correctly ordered by sorted column
  • Local pings are now permanent until proceeding refreshes
  • Fixed bug with accidently blacklisting the server above the intended one
  • Added clear option to server list manager
  • Added “History” to server list manager
  • Fixed bug when resetting columns and some column widths remain static
  • Added update wizard
  • Added option for custom refresh speeds
  • Removed URL column in server browser (servers can still be searched via URL)
  • Stats/filters/search added to right side of server browser
  • Removed deprecated “non-favorites” filter
  • Removed random connect
  • Removed deprecated favorites/recent menu
  • Added tabbed interface (public/favorites/recent)
  • Fixed bug with inaccurate player count in stats