Seachem Doser 1.2 is now available on the Play Store.

Major changes include metric support, new products (see below), and an interface redesign with improved material design.

Previously, I was having to resort to reverse-engineering Seachem’s Flash-based dosage calculators in order to obtain dosage calculations. Thankfully, they finally added web-based dose calculators, albeit with some errors/miscalculations on their end at the time of writing this.

Additionally, support for Honeycomb and below has been dropped due to insignificant user distribution and the effort required to provide backwards compatibility. Sorry for the few of you that this may affect.

Full changelog:

  • Added: Discontinued products toggle
  • Added: Dosage copying
  • Added: Seachem warnings
  • Added: Seachem-recommended parameter values
  • Added: Pinnable products
  • Added: Light/Dark theme selection
  • Added: Flourite Sand
  • Added: Flourish Trace
  • Added: Reef Fusion 1 & 2
  • Added: Small (3.5 kg) gravel/sand bag dosage
  • Added: Metric/imperial settings
  • Added: Default product settings
  • Fixed Reef Advantage Calcium dosage
  • Fixed: Gray Coast calculation
  • Fixed: Meridian name typo
  • Fixed: Full-screen keyboard on landscape orientation
  • Changed: All gravel values now round up to next bag(s)
  • Changed: UI redesign (w/ improved material design)