I’ve just finished moving my website over from WordPress to GitHub Pages. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. Despite using WordPress for years, I’ve found it to be rather excessive for my personal needs as far as resource usage and maintenece goes.

Although I never personally had any security issues with WordPress, it’s definitely a high-profile target and switching to static content definitely helps mitigate some attack vectors. Not to mention the inherent load time decrease because of said static content.

Having already used Jekyll/GitHub Pages many times before, the move wasn’t terribly painful. There were a few ‘gotchas’ here and there, but with a little hacking, things were ironed out. I’ll probably post some of those solutions in later posts.

I took advantage of the migration to redesign the site and perform some general maintenece on posts and the like.

Additionally, all comments have been moved to Disqus.

There may still be a few quirks here and there that I haven’t noticed yet, but overall things are working smoothly.