So I’m about 8 months late to posting this. Granted, I’m quite behind on posting a lot of developments (sleep deprivation puns). Anyway, Seachem Doser is an Android app that I developed a while ago that serves as a “dosage/quantity calculator” for various products Seachem offers.

Seachem, for those who don’t know/have lives, is a company that offers various products geared towards maintaining freshwater and marine aquariums. Personally, I use a lot of their products for my high-tech planted aquariums.

They offer calculators on their site that allow you to calculate how much you should dose specific fertilizers, buffers, conditioners, the amount of gravel needed per a specific volume, etc. Sadly, these calculators are all Flash-based. So I decided to make one that’s a bit more flexible. I should note that all of the values for these calculations were pulled from their official calculators, after a bit of reverse-engineering. At first I just made a Windows-based calculator/library that you can find on GitHub. Eventually the issue of convenience took hold and I decided to make it mobile.

As of today, I just updated it to work on tablets and polished things up a bit since I had some free time.

As with the Windows version, the Android version is also open source on GitHub.

If you happen to be somebody who will find it useful, feel free to download it through the Play Store.