Back in early November, Nvidia started bundling telemetry services with their drivers. Gamers Nexus did an analysis where they inspected data transactions via Wireshark. Their focus seemed to be moreso on dispelling the rumors of personally identifiable information being sent unencrypted, as they didn’t decrypt any of the encrypted traffic. Their results yielded from an hour of testing that nothing was being sent, the services were seemingly dormant.

For me, however, it’s a moot point. Nvidia should’ve been upfront about the telemetry with their users and I’m not really a fan of unnecessary services running on my computer, so naturally I disabled the services from their inception. I soon found out that they were being reactivated upon updates, which resulted in me throwing together a small utility to handle the disabling work for me.

I’ve shared it with a few people and figured I might as well throw it online.

Note: I use a small subset of GeForce Experience’s features, including ShadowPlay and have experienced no problems. I can’t speak for every use case and how disabling these services might be impactful in the future, so use it at your own risk.

You can download the utility here as well as find the source code on GitHub.