Public Projects

Here are a few public projects I’ve worked on. I still have a lot yet to add here and some of these might not be 100% up to date, but I'll get to it eventually™.

If you would like to see my portfolio and resume for professional work, message me.


Tabster is a guitar tab manager that stores tabs in a library for easy viewing, editing, and printing. It includes a built-in online tab search that provides access to over 800,000 tabs from Ultimate Guitar and easily download them and add them to your library.

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Build and Shoot

Build and Shoot is a project operated by Buld Then Snip, LLC, a company co-founded and co-operated by myself that focuses on supporting and developing the classic version of the game "Ace of Spades". After being bought out by another studio and moving to a pay-to-play model, we decided to branch off and continue support for the free-to-play version.

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Spadille is a multi-purpose program for Ace of Spades. It features a server browser that allows favoriting, blacklisting, filtering, sorting and more as well as a mod manager, screenshot manager, config editor, and more.

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Seachem Doser

Android dosage calculator for the Seachem product line. Simply enter in your aquarium parameters and recommended dosages are calculated for you.

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PySnip is an robust, open-source and cross-platform server implementation for Ace of Spades. It is fully customizable with extensions and scripts.

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Disable Nvidia Telemetry

Disable Nvidia Telemetry is a Windows utility to designed to disable Nvidia's background telemetry included with GeFeforce Experience in order to remove any potential performance penalty while gaming as well as enhance user privacy.

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Phaucet is a web service that allows allows easy deployment and configuration for crypto "faucets" which are sites that dispense cryptocurrencies to visitors in an attempt to fuel interest in crypto.

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LCWC++ (Name Pending)

LCWC++ is a third-party, open-source project aimed at creating a REST API for the Lancaster County-Wide Communications (LCWC) webcad service

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Tenji (展示) is an open-source project aimed at providing a reliable REST API for

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Open Source Projects