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A Well-Deserved Apology

Months ago, amidst the chaos and commotion that is IRC, there were constant discussions with Jagex’s community managers Sniped (Mathew Kemp) and SallyTheButcher (Sally Da Costa). Conversation was often heated regarding the Ace of Spades community. This was primarily due to the Jagex community managers waving unwarranted sense of know-all in regards to the game and community based off “experience” from other games/communities. Most of which were dropped months after being launched, so they refused to properly cite said “experience”. Through all the bickering, I think it’s fair to say that nobody bumped heads more than Sniped and myself (IRC handle “StackOverflow”). This post is primarily directed at Sniped but occasionally Jagex as a whole.

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Build and Shoot, PySnip, and More

Only a tad bit late on this one. Figured I’d post about it though.

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