Spadille 1.4.6 is now available for download.  This update consists more of a interface makeover compared to 1.4.5 along with a few bug fixes.  The player count bug where it was displaying several thousand players online has since been fixed (hopefully that will be real someday).

There is now a tabbed interface which currently divideds the server list into 3 sections, Public (general server listing), favorites, and recent (history).  I think the names are pretty obvious.  Search, filters, and stats have been moved to the right side of the server list for easier access.

A new release probably isn’t too far into the future depending on when Ace of Spades 0.55 is released. When a new Spadille version is released, you’ll be able to see the new update wizard :D


Change Log:


  • Fixed bug with server list always reorganizing after closing favorites/blacklist dialog
  • Improved reliability of properly retrieving user IP and country
  • Double-clicking blacklisted icon prompts dialog to add to favorites
  • Filtered servers are now correctly ordered by sorted column
  • Local pings are now permanent until proceeding refreshes
  • Fixed bug with accidently blacklisting the server above the intended one
  • Added clear option to server list manager
  • Added “History” to server list manager
  • Fixed bug when resetting columns and some column widths remain static
  • Added update wizard
  • Added option for custom refresh speeds
  • Removed URL column in server browser (servers can still be searched via URL)
  • Stats/filters/search added to right side of server browser
  • Removed deprecated “non-favorites” filter
  • Removed random connect
  • Removed deprecated favorites/recent menu
  • Added tabbed interface (public/favorites/recent)
  • Fixed bug with inaccurate player count in stats

Spadille 1.4.5 has now been released. This released includes quite a few bug fixes along with a bit more polishing of the program itself, both under the hood and with aesthetics.

A few new features are Slab6 is now included with the installer, more filtering options (foreign countries, favorites only, “vanilla servers”), screenshot save formats, improved/faster server listing, clan prefix option in config editor, and more.  Additionally, error logging has been added to help solve some problems, should they arise.  The complete change log can be found below:


Change Log:

  • Opening Spadille while already running now focuses existing window
  • Local pings are now color-coded blue
  • Redesigned and added addiction data to statistics
  • Added refresh limiter
  • Improved network traffic
  • Added option to reset all filters
  • Added warning dialog when attempting to join two games simultaneously
  • Added clan prefix option/input in config editor
  • Added option to change screenshot image format (PNG/BMP/JPEG)
  • Fixed bug with collision when adding a blacklisted server to favorites
  • Added double-clicking of icon column to add/remove server to/from favorites
  • Added icon column for distinguishing between favorites/blacklisted/personal servers
  • Redesigned the favorites/blacklist dialog
  • Fixed bug with newly blacklisted servers being hidden when blacklist filter is off
  • Substituted favorites color coding with favorite column
  • Fixed possible bug with screenshot when game is not in focus (alt-tabbed)
  • Added option to filter vanilla servers
  • Fixed bug with remembering filter for pyspades and blacklisted servers
  • Added option to filter non-favorited servers
  • Added option to filter foreign countries
  • Consolidated location column with IP column
  • Re-added consistent client size between runtimes
  • Disabled column header height resizing
  • Added option to reset columns
  • Added error logging
  • Consolidated software column with the server name column
  • Fixed bug when blacklisting first server on list
  • Fixed bug with pyspades servers not being detected
  • Added character limit to config editor name input
  • Added button to mod manager to edit mod (KV6) in Slab6
  • Added button to map manager to edit map in Voxel
  • Slab6 now included with installer
  • Fixed possible bug with missing GeoIP database

Well I decided to start a blog for whatever reason. I’ll probably just post some development entries along with whatever I feel like ranting about.  I’ve never used WordPress before, so it might take a while for things to get situated with the website integration.