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C# - Global Hotkeys via GetAsyncKeyState

Here’s a quick little class for implementing global hotkeys in C#/.NET 2.0+.

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C# - Reusable Portable Application Settings

Anybody who has worked with the .NET Framework has likely dealt with the native configuration files, especially if you’re using something as intuitive as Visual Studio. While the native functionality is pretty nifty, there’s still one small gripe myself and many other developers have. The .NET Framework is designed in a way that applications are to interface with a single configuration file whose location is found somewhere between AppData and obscurity. The reason for this design, according to Microsoft, was to alleviate the possibility of overwrite collisions between different applications. Despite being asked to allow developers to manage their own relative configuration paths, Microsoft has stood by this design. It’s quite an annoying “feature”, but there are workarounds, albeit tedious. This article provides a good bit of insight on how to tackle something like this. by inheriting the SettingsProvider class.

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